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The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery


This video offers an introductory insight into the Monastery Grounds along with the various forms of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Disciplines that are practised here.


Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu 

Essential Practise

This video outlines some of the essential disciplines of Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu practised by the Monks and Residents at The Heart Of The Tao Monastery.

Chi Gung

Kung Fu

Iron Palm

Tai Chi


The Heart of the Tao

 Book Promotion

This video will introduce some of the training of a Tao Wu Shin Warrior Monks lifestyle and also provides insight into the contents of The Heart Of The Tao Book.

Master Jing  Attiig

The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery

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