Teachings Of The Heart Of The Tao:
Monastery Of Self Mastery

The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery is a Center for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Cultivation. 

This means that whatever happens within and around the Monastery is focused solely on the development of personal discipline to enhance, improve and better understand ourselves, our lives and our capacity for living.

Physical discipline entails cultivating forms of Physical Exercise such as Martial Arts and Personal Training to develop and maintain a physically fit, strong and healthy physical form.

Mental discipline entails cultivating such practises as Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming to help us fully comprehend the nature of our human brain and to learn to control it in a way that removes psychological disturbances and mental anguish and instead cultivates a way of thinking that allows for unlimited personal independent freedom of expression.

Spiritual discipline entails cultivating such practises as Kung Fu, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Internal Alchemy and Spiritual Counselling so that one may learn to fathom the simple and subtle nature of the truth about our existence, not only as Human Beings but as Spiritual Beings.

In essence what is taught at The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery is not a 'teaching' as such, but more of a 'showing'. A sincere student needs only foundational instruction in the various disciplines mentioned above, however each and every individual is given 'the tools of the trade' regarding the practise and they are then left alone to practise, this being the most important part of the entire process, practise.

As an example: If a Master Builder takes you along to one of his projects and shows you how to design and build a house and then provides you with all of the tools that he used you will have everything that you need to build your very own home. Of course, in the initial stages of your exploration you will design and build walls and they will fall over and you will design and build roofs that will collapse, but eventually you will learn what caused the walls to fall and what caused the roof to collapse and in time, with dedication, persistence, perseverance and probably a few scars, you will eventually build yourself a solid and secure home in which to live. If, in the beginning the Master Builder had simply built the house for you, you would of course have had a secure and stable home to live in from the outset but you would have learned nothing of the process of doing it for yourself.

In the way of teaching at The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery the Master Builder will show up to your project occasionally to point one or two things out, make a few subtle suggestions and then he will leave you alone to continue with your exploration of designing and building your own home. In this way it is you who is dictating the flow of your own path and not someone else who you would have simply had to follow.

This is the way of teaching at The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery.