A Public Service Announcement Regarding
The Tao Wu Shin Monastery

The Tao Wu Shin Monastery has served as a center for Kung Fu & Counselling for the last few years here in Denmark, W.A but due to recent events the Monastery has now closed. Grand Master Wolf Attiig has left town and unfortunately the Monastery grounds, formerly known as Sahyma’s Sanctuary has been left in an abandoned and partially dilapidated state.

Fortunately for the town of Denmark, a former apprentice to Grand Master Wolf has taken the initiative and will be re-establishing a center for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Discipline; The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery.

Master Jing Attiig will take the reigns and re-awaken the Spirit of the Warrior Tradition at the same location, 46 Wishart Close. The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery will offer the same and many more services to and for members of the community. Anyone, regardless of age, sex, religion, sexual preference, culture, personal background or mental capacity will have access to these services.

In his own words Master Jing states;

“There are a lot of rumors and opinions floating around regarding the Tao Wu Shin Monks and Grand Master Wolf. In reality these are completely irrelevant to me and have nothing to do with what I am doing here in Denmark. I completed my Apprenticeship to Grand Master Wolf and in doing so overcame the influence of my former Master and his ways. It is my job to establish a Spiritual Sanctuary and a center for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Discipline that is accessible to all, ensuring the survival of the Warrior Monk Tradition for generations to come. This place will provide services such as Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu, Personal Training, Tai-Chi, Chi-Gung, Meditation, Yoga, instruction in Self-Mastery and Personal and Spiritual Counselling. We will specialize in developing long term training regimes for people who have a sincere need to investigate Spiritual Discipline and an ancient way of life, allowing them to be able to come and live or volunteer and spend the time necessary, in a safe, supportive and constructive environment. The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery will be an imperative part of the community, closely interacting with local individuals, businesses and organisations to enhance the capability of the general public to access these very important and necessary services. Before, the Monks here were very secretive and mysterious, though they were and are very amazing and influential people. Now the Monastery will have a much more open and accepting heart. With regards to the general public, I invite everyone who would like to know more about the Ways of Physical, Mental & Spiritual Discipline, or the ways of Taoist, Buddhist and Zen living to come along and have a cup of tea and a chat.”

Arrangements have been made between Master Jing and Sahyma Lachman who is the owner of the property at 46 Wishart Close and though she has her reservations about her former tenants she has once again agreed to put her faith in a Tao Wu Shin Monk.

Both have realized a common unity in their objectives and Master Jing has promised that he will work toward the realization of the dream that Sahyma has for her property. She recently said “I have given hope many times about that place, if it could become what I dreamed it to be, a healing place, a sanctuary and a place of wisdom, for mankind, then I will feel deeply blessed indeed.”

Master Jing would like to address the community here in Denmark and anyone who might find themselves interested by encouraging you to be a part of this very important development, to contact him personally to discuss what alliances can be forged.

He predicts that in the coming days he will establish daily public classes in Kung Fu & Personal Training as well as classes in Meditation, Tai-Chi, Chi-Gung, Yoga and Internal Alchemy to run three times a day from Monday to Friday and once on a Saturday to develop an income for the Monastery that will go towards paying the rent, securing training equipment and enhancing the facilities.

Twice a month members of the general (or lay) public will be invited to attend group meditation, discussions, questions and answer sessions, lunch and dinner services intimately along-side the Monks and Residents so that the Spirit of the community of Denmark can gradually solidify itself within the Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery, and as we hope, to manifest the same in return.

Please share this public service announcement with your friends and family so that The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery can begin to establish itself firmly as part of your community. 

Any individuals, businesses or organisations that would like to be involved can contact Master Jing personally who has a registered ABN allowing legitimate and legal interaction to take place.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Read This

Regards & Warm Wishes
The Monks At The Heart Of The Tao

“To delve inward and experience the absolute, to merge with the infinite, to liberate the Spirit and return to the Heart of the Tao”

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