Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu

The Way of an Empty Heart/Mind - this is the meaning of Tao Wu Shin (pronounced Dow-Woo-Shin).

Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu is a comprehensive lifestyle-discipline. 

At once, it covers the full spectrum of cultivating the Physical, Mental and Spiritual domains. 

Its practise is for bringing complete balance to the life of the practitioner.

It is a Way of Life suited to anyone who would seek to gain greater mastery over any area of their life.

For those who seek enlightenment, Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu is a path that leads one toward Awakening. 

It is a way of bringing ones attention back to a point that causes conflict and confusion to quite simply end. 

Seeking mastery of Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu must be a holistic and heartfelt endeavour.

In summary, this way of life is nothing less than a system of living that develops complete Awareness of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The disciplines of Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu include but are not limited to Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Elite Personal Training, Internal Alchemy, Tai-Chi, Chi-Gung, Yoga, Iron Shirt Chi Gung, Dynamic & Static Meditation, Psychotherapy, Self-Hypnosis and Taoist Immortality Training to name but a few.

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