Private/General Services

Group & One on One Instruction In:

Personal Training

Fitness - Strength - Weight Loss - Weight Gain

Muscle Toning - Muscle Building Personalized Diet Instruction

Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu

Awareness Development & Martial Arts


Sitting Meditation - Walking Meditation

Dynamic (Moving) Meditation

Chi Gung & Tai Chi

Learn the essential theory and practice of 

Taoist Meditation - Internal Alchemy

Longevity - Immortality Training

Self Mastery

Learn the strategy of overcoming limiting 

thoughts and psychological disturbances

Make your brain work for you 

instead of against you

Includes training in Self-Hypnosis 

and Psychotherapy

Personal instruction in Thought Mastery Technique

Spiritual Counselling

Find your direction and position in life

Develop greater understanding of your current issues, concerns and fears

Learn to overcome the things that you feel have been limiting you or causing you to feel distress

Combines psychotherapy, self-hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming for the purpose of helping you to find your path and gain greater self-control

Includes lessons in techniques for you to take away and practise at home

All services are available Monday to Saturday between 7am and 8pm

Individual Sessions
Comprehensive Packages Available
On-Location or at Monastery Grounds

To book please contact Master Jing Attiig via: