Master Jing Attiig
Tao Wu Shin Warrior Monk

"This young man, Jing Attiig of the Attiig Clan, is certainly not without capacity. He has taken his vows in the Taoist way and served his time at the Monastery. Jing Attiig has completed five years of apprenticeship to me at Tao Wu Shin Monastery being completed in October 2010. Jing has successfully completed, to the committees satisfaction, the necessary exams and practises to qualify him to teach Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu, as a personal trainer or in a class setting. He is also able to council clients both under hypnosis and wakeful counselling" - Grand Master Wolf Attiig

Master Jing Attiig of the Attiig Clan, Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu Warrior Monk is Abbot and Head Trainer of The Heart Of The Tao Monastery Of Self Mastery. He was ordained in 2007 and has spent a total of 10 years intense study and practise as a Taoist Warrior Monk. 5 of those years were under the direct tuition of a Grand Master of Kung Fu and Mysticism. He is founder of The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery and teacher of anyone who sincerely wishes to learn of the ways of the Warrior Monk. In the past he has travelled the world living as a homeless and wandering monk interacting with the people of the world to gain deeper insight into the human condition and the nature of his own mind. Since 2006 he has worked tirelessly to ensure that the way of the Monastic Warrior tradition will continue to thrive in the modern world and to ensure that this way of life is accessible to anyone who might sincerely wish to study and practise.

As an Apprentice, Master Jing spent his time practising advanced forms of meditation, learning the ancient arts of Kung Fu, Chi-Gung, Tai-Chi and Internal Alchemy. After only a few years of study he began to have experiences that defied logical explanation and as a result he gained insight into the inner workings of the mind and universe. In his own words 'I realized that what I was aware of was not me. I was no longer in a body. There were no more thoughts of me and what I thought was my life, my human body and my thought process. I was left alone in an endless, empty abyss. Something extremely powerful rose up within me and I saw 'the evolution of myself', if you want to call it that. I saw that within me there is the illusion of life, all life, but it is not me. I saw that this illusion of life does not end and it does not begin either, it is like a circle, like the symbol of Zen. The only thing that is actually alive in all of this is the force within and throughout it all. Awareness. There is nothing else that is real.'


Master Jing Attiig - Ordained Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu Warrior Monk

Abbot & Head Trainer of The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery

Now Master Jing lives a life of daily dedication to his discipline of 'crystallising and purifying the mind', something that he says is 'an eternal endeavour'. He provides opportunity for sincere students to undertake training whether that is on a part-time or full-time basis, some people wishing only to study the basics of Superior Personal Training or Tao Wu Shin Kung-Fu or Meditation, others choosing to be Ordained into the Warrior Monk Tradition and whole-heartedly immersing themselves into the practise.

In dedication to his teacher, his lineage and as he says 'to the world', he has committed himself to ensuring the survival of the Monastic Warrior Tradition and Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu by establishing The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery as his lifelong objective.

Master Jing instructs people both publicly and privately and encourages anyone who may wish to do so, to contact him personally with their inquiry.

Those who want to seriously consider Apprenticeship or Monastic Residency are encouraged to contact Master Jing via email to discuss the essential screening process that is required.

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