Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu Apprenticeship

This type of Apprenticeship encompasses the 1st year of the Apprenticeship Curriculum and is designed to develop a trade for people who want to become Kung Fu teachers.

At the same time it will develop a very high level of Martial Arts ability along with advanced knowledge of Superior Personal Training, a very fit, strong, agile, powerful and flexible physique, improved mental alertness and greater levels of focus, willpower and determination.

It is extremely demanding physically and usually requires a minimum of two to three months of daily dedication to the training. This is why Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu Apprentices are encouraged to live on the property of The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery alongside the Monks and Residents so they can genuinely dedicate the maximum amount of time possible to the attainment of their goal. However, it is possible to participate in and complete the Apprenticeship while living off of the Monastery Grounds.

Completion of this particular Apprenticeship gains the practitioner a Sash, a certificate of completion of 1st year Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu and a personalised letter of introduction and qualification from Master Jing which states that the practitioner is now qualified to teach Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu as a 'Sifu' or 'Teacher'.

Master Jing will also at this point usually offer the ability to further enhance the Apprentices capabilities by allowing them to decide if they would like to progress into deeper levels of Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu discipline but this is not compulsory. However, it serves as a great way for someone to investigate the initial stages of the Tao Wu Shin Warrior Monk Apprenticeship without committing themselves fully.

At this point in time there is 1 position available at the Monastery Grounds for an Apprentice to live alongside the Monks and Residents while undertaking an Apprenticeship.

Live-in positions provide you with your own living space, access to a toilet, bathroom and shower, kitchen, and electricity. In both live-in and live-out arrangements you can also utilise the facilities for your own personal training regimen outside of public class times or pre-booked private service times.

Those who would like to inquire into a Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu Apprenticeship are encouraged to contact Master Jing via email.

[email protected]