Open Invitation

The Heart Of The Tao Monastery is a Kung Fu School and home of Taoist Warrior Monks.

As is the case with traditional Kung Fu Schools and Monastic Centers there will always be those who claim opposition to the teachings, qualification or sincerity of such an institution.

In light of this, genuine schools always openly offer such people the ability to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the truthfulness of their personal claims, opinions and judgements.

As a home of Spiritual Cultivation, The Heart Of The Tao Monastery, its Abbot and the Monks and Residents who live and train here harbor absolutely no negativity towards anyone, regardless of their personal views and opinions. To do such a thing would serve complete opposition to the aims of cultivating the Heart of the Warrior and a peaceful way of life.

However, The Heart Of The Tao Monastery and its Abbot, Master Jing Attiig openly invite anyone who feels that our way of life, our teachings, our Kung Fu School or Monastery is somehow based on insincerity, fraudulence, untruth or deception to present your claim personally to the Abbot.

As an authority in Spiritual Counselling, Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu, Meditation and the Taoist and Monastic Way of Life, The Heart Of The Tao Monastery and Master Jing Attiig openly accept any and all challenges to this claim. 

If you are an individual or group who feels that you need to go out of your way to challenge our institution in order to prove something to yourself then you are encouraged to contact Master Jing personally to arrange a public invitation for you to come and present your challenge in person. Challenges are openly displayed in various public forums to further enhance awareness of the intention of your attempts to disprove our Authority and so that members of the general public can easily become aware of their result. They are also recorded by video camera as personal evidence and for legal reasons.

Please note that such challenges can take a number of forms:

Mental challenges of understanding and wisdom in Meditative Discipline, Spiritual Counselling, Monastic Discipline and Taoist Practices and Way of Life.

Physical challenges of Kung Fu Authority, ability and skill. Please note that a challenge of Kung Fu Authority is taken very seriously. You will be expected to sign a legal waiver of all rights stating that you have openly challenged a member of our School to physical combat, without aggravation and that you were fully aware of the risks of potential serious injury and death as a result of this challenge. Though physical violence is never, ever our intention, we accept and are fully aware of the potential for it to occur when taking into account the destructive and self-centred nature of a persons ego. Challenges of this nature require all participants to be accompanied by a single witness.

The necessary contact details are:

email - [email protected]

Some people have had difficulty understanding the function of the 'Open Invitation'.
When questioned, Master Jing offered the following response...

"Regarding the mental challenges, let me take a second to explain it to you. With regards to our tradition there is a very present danger that we must take into consideration, it is called 'being lost in delusion'. Please bear in mind that this is something that we all must come to recognise when it occurs, even though that is a very difficult thing to do. To combat this demonic state of mind we use selflessness. By allowing people to come to us and challenge our understanding we are able to remain sincere in our effort to preserve enlightened wisdom. If we are lost in delusion then a person who comes here with a challenge would be able to lay out the facts in front of us and 'defeat' us, killing our minds, as it were, via the challenge. In this way our delusions would be destroyed and we would be liberated from the grip of ignorance. On the other hand if the person who comes here to initiate a challenge is 'defeated' then it is their own delusions, their own minds that would face extermination. In either case, we remove ignorance and that is the ultimate purpose of these challenges. An insincere school which was home to people who were afraid of the truth would not allow this. I personally am so confident in what I have come be aware of, that if somebody came here and was able to penetrate my mind and 'defeat' me, I would close the school and release all of my apprentices before suggesting that this person should become their teacher".

Regarding Physical Challenges of Kung Fu Ability Master Jing said...

"Anyone who has even a shred of genuine Kung Fu can recognize it in another practitioner the moment they enter into their awareness. Kung Fu sparring has been used throughout the ages to test a persons own skill in Kung Fu discipline. It is considered an honor among Masters to spar with and learn from each other. Just because a person loses a match does not mean that they do not know Kung Fu, it simply means that the other persons Kung Fu is more refined. Someone who claims to know Kung Fu must be prepared to back up that claim by allowing people to challenge them to a sparring match, and at the same time if you are prepared to claim that another person does not know Kung Fu, or that your Kung Fu is superior to theirs, you too must be prepared to prove this through actual combat, otherwise you are no better than a man spewing vomit from his mouth, all you are doing is making a mess that you personally are going to have to clean up. When two practitioners spar with honour and integrity there is no room for actual violence to occur. Both practitioners will present their Kung Fu to each other and what results is a meeting of minds, wherein both practitioners come face to face with 'their-self'. This is a very great honour in our tradition and is used to uncover flaws in ones own ability to remain present and clear, in the state of Tao Wu Shin."