What Is A Warrior Monk?

Posted by Master Jing Attiig on July 20, 2016 at 7:50 AM

A young student of the Monastery asked the Master, "Can you tell me, what is the difference between an ordinary Monk and a Warrior Monk?"


The Master answered, "All Monks are Warriors against Mara, the King of Suffering."


The Student asked again, "Then why do people say that you are a teacher of Warrior Monks and at other Monasteries they say there are only ordinary Monks?"


"In the thoughts of people, a Warrior Monk is someone who learns the way of Martial Skill, Martial Arts as they call it. An ordinary Monk, to most people is simply a Monk who practises various forms of meditation and contemplation and who has taken vows to live a life of discipline, charity and abstinence. To one who is truly learned though, every Monk who walks the face of the earth is a Warrior in the way of things. All who are Ordained enter into a fight with the greatest enemy ever to be found, Mara, the Lord of Lies." The Master spoke very seriously to the young student. His eyes looked as though they burned with an intensity similar to that of the Sun.


The student dared again to ask, "Can you please explain more about who Mara is?".


The Master sat very still. The birds in the surrounding forest erupted into song just seconds before he spoke, "What we call Mara, is the ego. It is called the Lord of Lies, King of Suffering, Master of Illusions and many other names. Monks dedicate their lives to Spiritual Enlightenment, which requires that one kill their own ego, kill Mara and bring an end to their own Suffering. In the heads of every person on the planet lives the ego, within the self centred thought process. Within this is contained the illusory idendity of every single human being, all of them thinking that they are individuals living in the world. In reality there is no real identity. Monks and deep meditators come to see this through the practise of Meditation. Ultimately, it is not real, and so it is called an illusion. But for most people on the planet, this illusion is very real indeed, all of them thinking that their thoughts are real, that the ego, is themselves. This is due to a lifetime of sitting stuck on the thought process, without ever having stepped outside of it. Outside of their heads, in the realm of reality, there is only the one living awareness that is aware of all things, the Buddha Mind, the Tao, Oneness, it has been called. The practise of a Warrior Monk is to pick up the razor-sharp-sword-of-cultivation in order to cut off the heads of their own bodies, to kill the Lord of Lies once and for all. This is the ultimate discipline of all the true Spiritual Tradition.


"When you say 'cut of their own heads', obviously you don't mean literally?" The student was certain the Master hadn't mean that, but he asked anyway.


The Master smiled, "It has been known... But no, not in most cases. 'Cutting off your own head' refers to the practise of meditation, 'watching thoughts without thinking'. This practise causes an inner-awakening process to occur within the Heart of the practitioner, eventually this leads to awareness of liberation from confinement within the prison of the ego, Enlightenment, where the illusion of consciousness, the ego, comes to a temporary end. At this point the practitioner pierces through and witnesses firsthand the space of awareness that exists without egoic consciousness. They de-identify with the thought process and the state of Enlightenment becomes realized in the Heart. Taoists call this Immortality. Buddhists call this Becoming Buddha. In reality, it is quite simply referred to, as the truth.


"How does one do it?" The student inquired.


Again the Master was very still. He raised his hand slowly in front of him. "Hold out your hand", he said to the student who did so. "Take this, and tell me what I have given you". The Master moved his hand slowly over the students, just close enough that they could both feel a gentle heat radiating between their palms. The Master waited patiently for the student to answer.


The student began to speak "I don't under-"


"No, that's not it. Try again", the Master said, speeking calmly.


"I can't feel anythi-"


"No, still not it", the Masters face was blank of any emotion, though his eyes were alight with a deep fire.


The student sat still, not wanting to think anything at all. Everything that he thought, was the wrong answer.


"Well?" The Master poked.


The student remained silent.


"Now, you are half way there". The Master stood to leave the area in which they were sitting. "When you can tell me what I have truly given you, even I won't be able to hold you down."

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