"To delve inward

 and experience the Absolute, 

to merge with the Infinite,


to liberate the Spirit and

 return to the Heart of the Tao"

The Heart Of The Tao is a Sanctuary borne from the human need to develop a harmonious and holistic way of life.

It is the centre where each of us can intimately know our own personal way of peace. 

The function of The Heart Of The Tao Monastery is to serve the community in a way that provides and promotes peaceful living and personal and communal cultivation. 

At the same time it is a University for the study of a wide range of Monastic, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Disciplines.

Those who live here are Taoist Warrior Monks and people who are dedicated to the selfless goal of developing a Sanctuary in service of the worlds need to cultivate inner peace.

The Heart that gives, gathers - Lao Tzu